Stand out from the crowd with the Crossland X Styling Pack which include genuine Opel Sidesteps and Mudfaps.

SideStep Advantages:

  • Facilitates access to the roof of loading & unloading
  • Easy entrance for children Fulfils all safety requirements
  • Made of aluminium with stainless steel and anti-slip rubber nabs
  • Usage of existing fixation points so no drilling.
  • Give your vehicle a more rugged look.

Mudflap Advantages:

  • Keeps the exterior of your vehicle looking cleaner by limiting water splatter
  • Deflects road debris away from vehicle to prevent damage to paint work
  • Moulded design which adds visual appeal to your vehicle
  • Reduces amount of debris flung to other road users
  • Easy installation, no drilling required

Fully fitted for only €499 inc VAT (normal retail price €778)